Buy Phulkari Dupattas Online in Canada

Buy Phulkari Dupattas Online in Canada

Phulkari is an indispensable part of Punjabi culture. Important cultural event is incomplete without women carrying Phulkaris. Be it a wedding function or a traditional dance function. Phulkari is just like Shawl which is worn by women on the shoulders. Some love to keep it on the head too just Punjabi ladies carry Dupattas.

While going to an occasion, ladies often buy the latest Phulkaris online. So, this is one of the reasons that they match these Phulkaris with their traditional Punjabi suits. 

What are the Different Colors of Phulkari Dupattas Online 

Just like wearing traditional jewelry, wearing Phulkari is a trend among women. This is the reason ladies buy phulkaris on special occasions such as Lohri functions or Jaggo functions. Not only are they a show off for ladies but they actually make you feel cozy in winters. Phulkaris are available in many beautiful colors. You can match them with your dresses easily. From black, red, pink, yellow, orange to blue, there are numerous colors available in this beautiful Punjabi piece of cloth. 

Not just the colors, but it is available in diverse embroidery work which make it more attractive. 

What are the Types of Punjabi Phulkari that You can Buy Online?

  • Phulkari with Sippi and Golden Tilla Work- There are some of the types of embroidery that are quite popular in Punjab. Sippi and Tilla are one of them. These days thread Phulkaris with tilla and sippi work is in great demand especially if it comes to traditional wear.
  • Buy Phulkari with Thin Tissue - Thin tissue is something that is liked by many women around the world. It is a very attractive option for shawls, dupattas, and phulkaris, etc. Actually tissue can make dupatta heavy and can give stunning looks to it. Generally, tissue is of golden or light yellow, or silver in color. You can choose anything whatever you like.
  • Phulkari with Multi-coloured Thread and Embroidery - Phulkaris are well-known for their threads and embroidery work. Thread work phulkaris has a great demand all over the world. The multi-colored dupattas fabricated on different fabrics are the choice of many people especially while shopping for wedding functions.
  • Phulkari with Big Mirror Work - Are you looking to flaunt the party with mirror work jewelry combined with beautiful mirror work Phulkaris. Generally the mirror work in Punjabi phulkaris are available with bright colors like maroon, red, orange, pink, that can make you dashing with its look. You can wear it at any occasion.
  • Get Phulkaris with Tilla Work- The Tilla work on any Phulkari looks incredible when you match it with a beautiful Punjabi dress. This work on Phulkaris is quite rare but people love to buy them to look different from others. Phulkari with Tilla work can be purchased online no matter your current location.
  • Aari Work Punjabi Phularis - Aari work is quite old embroidery that is liked by almost all the women. The combination can be ‘out of the world’ if the aari work is on hot pink color. People love to choose such colors especially for wedding functions and other occasions. Generally it is in golden color so it becomes quite easy to match beautiful Punjabi traditional jewelry


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