Buy Latest Choora Boxes to Keep Your Choora Bangles

Buy Latest Choora Boxes to Keep Your Choora Bangles

Being Punjabi, we all know the importance of chooda on our wedding day. We look for the best one which matches our wedding dress and also with Bridal Jewelry. We are ready to spend a fortune on our Bridal Chooda as it has an emotional quotient related to our special day.

But what about the protection and care of your beautiful and expensive chooda? Choodas are not as simple as it was earlier. Nowadays, many precious metals, stones and pearls are used to make them more gorgeous. This needs care and protection from various factors which could damage them.

For this, we need a Chooda Box. As the name suggests, it is a box which is used to keep your wedding chooda. It could also be used to keep your precious bangles too.

What are the Different types of Chooda box available online

  • Carved Wooden box is made with fine wood, different patterns are beautifully carved on it which makes it look authentic. It is a simple yet very classy piece to keep in your wardrobe. The wooden Chora box is very reliable and has a long life. 

  • Printed Plastic Chooda box is another very affordable item to store your chooda bangles. It has printed upside and you can also customise the printing as you like. It could be your wedding photo too.

  • Hard Paper Board Box is made from fine hardboard and is very reliable. It could be beautifully decorated from the outside with different materials. It is very lightweight yet protective. The main feature of this hardboard  box is that it is easy to carry while travelling. 

  • A Choora box matching with your outfit is another glamorous option. We often have chooda ceremonies at weddings and we can get our box customized accordingly. It looks graceful and your ceremony pictures will be so perfect. You can also match your chooda box with your Bridal dress too. Embroidered Chura boxes look incredible when matched with your outfit. 

  • A Personalised Chura box is a bangle box that includes your personal details on it. Like your name, wedding date, your husband's name, or any special message. You can get it customized online in any colour you want. It adds more sentiments to your churro box. 

  • Buy Traditional Chooda Box - It is an excellent choice for traditional lovers which includes thread works like Phulkari embroidery, dabka and pearl work or traditional Handwork chuda box.

  • There are many options available online to find a chooda box according to our need and preference. It is a new essential for the wardrobe of a bride and a must-have for a bangle lover.

    Your wedding is a special occasion for you and you want to add perfection to it by adding customized and personalised things. Well, the Chooda box is a new one! It keeps your chura safe before wedding and also after wedding. For the latest collection of Chooda boxes in USA and Canada, you can check Amazel Designs and lookout their perfect compilation of Churras and Chooda Boxes