Buy Jewelry and Dupattas with Mirror Work

Buy Jewelry and Dupattas with Mirror Work

Mirror work also known as Sheesha work which is amazing artwork. It is attached to small pieces of mirrors or reflective metal to fabrics or jewelry pieces. Mirror work is common throughout India. It is indulged in fashion in many ways. There is something very classic and vintage about this work. It has a beautiful heirloom quality to it as it is passed through generations.

History of Mirror or Sheesha Work in India

Sheesha’s work originated in the 17th century in India. People in the poorer classes imitated the jeweled garments and jewelry of the wealthy by decorating fabric with silver beetles' wings.

Then a process for manufacturing tiny mirror discs was developed during the Mughal Empire, these tiny mirrors or shisha were swiftly acquired for fabric decoration.

In Indian mirror work, the use of mirrors widely represents the amazing landscapes and nature of the country. For instance, the Kathi community of Gujarat, known for incorporating mirror work alongside other handicrafts traditionally use mirrors as a flower motif’s centerpiece or the eyes of an animal motif.

Sheesha Jewelry for Modern India

Sheesha jewelry is a piece of jewelry that is made with the embedment of small pieces of mirrors into the metal. They give a reflective surface and look very pretty. This type of jewelry is generally silver in color and shines divinely.

Mirror work jewelry is quite famous in western India. Gujrat, Rajasthan has a long back tradition and artistry for Mirror work in fabrics and jewelry pieces. Pakistan is also well known for sheesha jewelry. Infact, Sheesha jewelry is sometimes also called Pakistani Jewellery.

In modern India, sheesha jewelry has emerged as trendy jewelry for fashion lovers. It has its classical essence with some modernization. It is very in for pre-wedding functions nowadays, women love these pieces and try to incorporate them into their wardrobe. 

You can get a lot of options in shisha jewelry online.

Whether it's the combo of green emerald and mirror or simple white beads along with mirror work, in every combination and pattern sheesha jewelry looks phenomenal. Check Shisha Jewelry’s collection on Amazel Designs online. We have a wide range of these smart pieces. You can get a full jewelry set along with Passa and tikka in mirror work.

Mirror Embroidered Dupattas and Phulkaris

It is an old tradition of embroidering mirrors on dupattas. In Rajasthan and Gujrat, ladies often wear clothes that are decorated with mirrors. Rajasthani dupattas are one of the famous mirror work dupattas.

In Punjab too, ladies have been using mirrors to decorate their handmade Phulkaris for ages. These small pieces of mirrors add shine to the dupattas and add a glittering effect. Earlier dupattas and Phulkaris were hand made but now due to modernization, these are being made with machines that are inexpensive. Now you can get a wide range of mirror work Phulkaris and Dupattas online which you can choose according to your preference. You can get them in any colour and stuff.

Many handlooms items are available in mirror work. It's a really old form of embroidery yet looks phenomenal with a modern touch to it. You must have these above-mentioned items in your wardrobe to set you to fashion on point. Check Amazel Design for the latest Sheesha work Dupattas and Sheesha jewelry. An amazing collection with worldwide delivery.