Buy Indian Bangles Online in Canada - Different Types of Bangles

Buy Indian Bangles Online in Canada - Different Types of Bangles

Indian bangles are the most essential part of any Indian ceremony and occasion. From a small girl to an old-age woman, everyone loves to wear bangles. ‘Solah Singaar’ is incomplete without bangles. It is also used as integral jewelry for weddings and other auspicious occasions. There is a special kind of bangles called ‘Chura’ that is worn by brides on the very wedding day.

Bangles help to increase the beauty of a woman. It is a symbol of wedlock and good luck. Also known as Kada, Kangan, and bracelet. There is a lot of variety available for the bangles in the market, such as different colors, glass bangles, and metal bangles. You can buy bangles online in Canada, all you need is to choose the category and evaluate your requirements.

Important Categories of Indian Bangles Available Online

  1.   Golden Bangles:

There are many kinds of golden color bangles available online such as golden bangles with cream color beads, Golden bangles finished with stonework, Antique Golden stone bangles

with hanging bells, Golden base Kundan Paan Kadas, Golden base Kundan Golden Bangles Kada, Golden finished Kada openable. One can mix and match with other colored bangles to match a perfect bangle set for their Indian dress.

  1.   Silver Bangles:

Everybody loves to wear silver color bangles. Silver color bangles come in many designs and shape online such as Silver bangles with the stone set, Silver metal bangles set, American Diamond Silver Kadas, Polki Silver with white beads bangles, silver Kadas with stone bangles set, silver Polki Kadas, Silver Round, and Paan Polki Kadas. The silver colour looks awesome with the black suits as well as with Indian white Kurtis

  1.   Stone Work Bangles:

Stone base work for bangles looks fabulous. Stonework comes in many shapes, styles and colors. One can choose them as per their choice. As people want simple stone bangles while some love to wear heavy stonework Kadas embedded with beads, Polki Kadas etc.

  1.   Kundan Bangles:

Kundan is one of the most preferred styled jewellery by Indian people. There are many varieties of Kundan bangles with many different colors and shapes. Kundan colors are generally available in white, red, or green whereas the shapes available are Sweet-heart, Square, Circle, etc. You can get Kundan bangles online in Canada.

  1.   Bridal Chura:

The most loved and significant jewelry of Indian Bridal is Chura. It is the most important jewelry for a wedding for the bride-to-be. Generally, Online Chura comes in red, pink, magenta, and orange shades. But nowadays, you can buy any kind of Chura online in Canada. For example, at Amazel Designs they have numerous types of latest and trendy Punjabi Churas that include- fancy Monalisa Polki Chura, Moti Chudi, Chura with American Diamond Kadas, Chura with Stone Bindi Bangles, Chura with Flower Kadas, Baby Pink Golden Bangles and Polki Chura, Gajari Kundan Chura, Chura with Golden Kundan Bangles, High-Quality Polki Kadas Chura and many more.


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