Buy Different Styles of Bali Earrings Online

Buy Different Styles of Bali Earrings Online

Earings play an important role to give you a stylish look. Bali or Vaali earrings are popular traditional earrings of India. These earrings are still in trend right now and are cherished by women of all ages. They are versatile which goes well on ethnic as well as western outfits. As nowadays the latest collection of Balis has taken an irreplaceable place in the women closest. Women love to wear them on special occasions as well in routine. These are available in a variety of designs that we are going to discuss here in this blog. Check out which Vaali varied sizes and shapes make you look great.

Popular Bali Earrings Designs and Styles that You Must Know

There are many styles, shapes and patterns of Vaalis which are available online. You can choose as per your preferences, style and the type of dress you want to collaborate with. They all look beautiful when paired with a perfect dress.

#1 Buy Vaali with Jhumki at Bottom 

This is a classic piece of Bali to wear with your traditional dresses like Kurtis, suits, Plazos and sarees. It is a hoop earring with a bell-shaped Jhumki at the bottom which often consists of golden beads and pearls. You can get these fancy Vaalis in different patterns like Kundan, American Diamonds, Polki, Pearls and Beads.  It gives you a two-in-one look, that is, a cute little Jhumka and a traditional Vaali.

#2 Get American Diamond Vaali

Shiny and sparkly American diamond Vaali earrings are a perfect match for your traditional as well as western dresses. They make you look like a princess and add elegance to your dress. They are simple yet very stylish pieces of jewelry. you can get these earrings either in classic white diamonds or any other color according to your preference. These Vaalis look very pretty with long gowns or stylish sarees.

#3 Buy Pearly Polki Bali Earrings Online

Pearls are always loved by women, and they look more lavishing when they come with Bali earrings. A golden hoop with white pearls on the circumference gives a perfect pick for Kurtis and Punjabi suits. There are many online Pearl Polki Bali options available, you can go for any colored pearls which match your outfit perfectly. Another great aspect of these walis is the perfect Polki work done on them. Polki gives an antique look to the earrings which further enhances their charm.

#4 Purchase Waliyan with Bunches of Beads

The next great option is a bunch of beads hanging at the bottom of Vaaliyan. They add length to the earrings and can suit any face shape perfectly. These beads could be of one color or multi-color depending upon your choice. These bunches of beads hang beautifully as you move your head. It is an awesome option for your deep neckline dresses. 

#5 Buy Peepal Patti lightweight Vaalis

Simple, lightweight and elegant pair of Vaalis to choose for your traditional dress like Patiala suits and Sharara suits. They are generally available in golden color with small gold leaves (Pattis) hanging at the circumference of the Balis. This is one of the best pairs which was worn by grandmothers in Punjab at their weddings or even regularly too. 

#6 Chandbali with Beads Online

It is in the shape of a half-moon so they are called Chand (moon) Balis. Chandbali earrings are beautiful and most comfortable jewelry that can pair with your saree, Anarkali dress, lehenga, palazzo suits. You can buy Chandbalis with different patterns and styles, either with pearls, Kundan, Polki, Jhumki, etc.

These are some popular designs for Balis which you can get online. The collection is vast, but there is always your style that makes all the difference. If you are looking for a one-stop station for all your jewelry needs, you can check our website AMAZEL DESIGNS. We have a wide range of different styles of Waalis/Balis online to choose from. We are known for our quality and service, one of the best websites for Online jewelry shopping. Have a look!