Buy Amazing Kids’ Jewelry from Amazel Designs

Buy Amazing Kids’ Jewelry from Amazel Designs

Fashion is for everyone! We could be of any age or gender, staying stylish is all we want. Jewelry plays an important role in defining our style statement. There are certain jewelry types for every gender and age. The same is for our kids!

When they are infants, we tend to bedeck them with tiny pieces of jewelry like anklets for babies, bracelets and more. Those chubby hands and feet look really pretty with charming jewelry pieces.  As they grow the jewelry choice and style change. They start to dictate their style and fashion choices.

We at Amazel Designs have a perfect collection of kids' jewelry for any age. In this blog, we are characterizing some of our most loved kids' jewelry pieces, which you should include in their wardrobe.

Traditional Kids Jewelry Items to Must Own

Kids are fond of jewelry and love to wear it on special occasions. Traditional kid's jewelry teaches our kids about their beautiful culture and how to flaunt it better.

Bangles or Kada

Ladies Churian or bangles are also worn by kids. Bangles for girls are the most loved kids' jewelry items. Small girls love to wear colorful bangles. Also, we have kids' bangles in metal as glass bangles can hurt them. 

The same is with boys, a Kada on their arm looks very pleasant and most Punjabi boys and teenagers love to wear it. You can buy both of these items from Amazel Designs with a lot of variety to choose from.

Anklets (Payal or Panjeb)

Anklets are the first jewelry items that we give to our baby girl. The sound these Payals make freshens up the whole house. You could choose Ghungroos, beads, or just simple stone-lined anklets for your kid. We have a lot of variety when it comes to anklets for girls.

Maang Tikka

Another beautiful accessory for little girls is Maang Tikka. Girls wearing ethnic clothes along with Maang tikka jewelry look really adorable at traditional functions. These kids maang tikkas are super lightweight and easy to carry for your children. Maang tikkas are made with weightless material along with beautiful stones. 

Single-lined Chokers (Necklaces)

Single-lined necklaces and chokers are very pretty jewelry for kids. Lightweight Kundan stone is used to make these necklaces which do not put weight and look lovely. You can also buy a complete jewelry set with Maang tikka and earrings to be worn on special occasions. For boys, a lightweight Kaintha is a perfect option to wear for traditional functions. 


Some Indian Families carry out a huge ceremony while piercing the ears of their newborn kids. While others wait for a certain age to get their child's ears pierced. Either way, we have a beautiful collection of studs and weightless earrings both for girls and boys. Jhumkas, Small Gold Baalis and studs are excellent choices for girls. For boys, we have small Nathiyan, extremely lightweight boy's earrings.

These are some of the most common kids' jewelry items available on our online store. If you are interested in buying affordable and good-quality jewelry for your kids then do visit our online store at Amazel Designs and place your order. We have special offers for our customers in Canada and the USA.