A Complete Guide on Jewellery for a Bride

A Complete Guide on Jewellery for a Bride

What can be worn on what occasion is the most juggling task. Planning a wedding is not everyone’s cup of tea. It includes so many things like catering, jewelry, wedding outfits, colors, theme wedding and much more. Apart from other things, jewelry gulped a lot of time as well as money while planning a wedding. Isn’t it? Not just on the family members but it has been seen that brides-to-be feel the immense pressure while selecting these necessary things. Obviously, choosing out-of-box artificial jewelry is the ultimate goal of every person.

Here, we are going to discuss what can be worn on what occasion. In short, we have mentioned some of the indispensable head to toe accessories that are hard to find.  

The Roka Ceremony-
This is the typical ceremony mainly done in North Indians, especially in Punjabis. It is the official confirmation of the girl and boy and their family members that they are going to marry each other. It is a kind of stamp of being engaged or booked by each other. Usually, the traditional wears are commonly worn on this day by the boy as well as a girl. Generally, Indian style jewelry is worn by the girl.   

The Engagement Ceremony-

You can call it a mini party in which the rings are being exchanged by the girl and boy. On this occasion, the girls tend to embellish with some unique style.

  • We all know the engagement ring is the most important accessory that authenticates an individual to get engaged. On one hand, it is worn but to make the other hand more beautiful and attractive, girls usually buy rings online.
  • Beautiful hairdos, make-up and hand jewelry can make an engagement more memorable.
  • Clutch is another accessory that women love to carry on their engagement ceremony. 
The Mehendi or Shagun Ceremony-

A girl looks awesome with a maang tikka, flower jewelry, and single-line necklaces

Generally, girls love to buy flower jewelry online with earnings, hand accessories, etc that amplifies the glow of a girl on Henna applying Ceremony or even on Shagun ceremonies too.

Jago or Lady Sangeet -
  • Those who are not aware of Jago. It is a traditional function to celebrate the DJ night but with folk songs and cultural songs. People love to wear traditional clothes. Kaitha Jugni is the ultimate jewelry worn by the bride-to-be on the day before the wedding. 
  • People love to buy Phulkaris online to add some traditional colors.

The Wedding Ceremony

D-day is the most awaited day for all. People love to look different but perfect. I think the statement jewellery for brides is the ultimate goal of a woman. 

  • The Bridal Chuda is the first thing that girls took a lot of time while selecting. As there are so many different types of bridal Choodas which is a tough job to choose from. 
  • Some women love to add a nose pin while some don’t like it at all.
  • Kaleere is an authentic jewelry piece in North India. So, girls love to match Kaleeras with their outfits. 
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  • Rest weather to wear a waist belt, hand accessories, Passa, Punjabi Bridal jewelry is the only choice of an individual.   
Reception Ceremony-

Can be known as a closing ceremony too. After solemnizing so many ceremonies, bridals generally prefer to wear light-weight artificial jewelry with a Passa that looks super awesome.  American Diamond jewelry is another craving of many people. As such bridal accessories are extremely easy to wear and comfy to carry.  

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