7 Jewelry Hacks for Punjabi Traditional Jewelry

7 Jewelry Hacks for Punjabi Traditional Jewelry

Well, we all Punjabi women love to wear Traditional Jewelry. It could be a wedding, a reception party or just a traditional function, Punjabi Traditional Jewelry is the best choice. But sometimes it becomes hectic to manage the jewelry as it carries weight and size. Not to worry! In this blog, we are going to talk about some simple jewelry hacks which could help you to wear your favorite traditional jewelry with ease. So let's get started!

Famous Jewelry Hacks You Must Try

In fashion, hacks are always welcomed. These jewelry hacks are very easy to do and also super affordable. Do try them!

Use Saharas for Heavy Traditional Earrings

Who doesn't love big chunky traditional earrings? Well, some of you may not because of all the weight and pressure they put on your ears. There is a simple hack that will not only take some weight away but also gives you a pretty ethnic look. We are talking about adding Saharas to your earrings. You can get them in various patterns, styles and sizes. Buy earring Saharas online or offline, you will not regret it.

Double-sided tape for Stable Maang Tikka

Have you ever felt that your Maang Tikka keeps on moving from its place?? Sometimes it looks very awkward especially when you are taking pictures. So what's the solution? Every house has double-sided tape, you can make use of it to secure your tikka. Just cut a small piece of tape and place it over your forehead where you want the tikka to be. Now stick your tikka to it and you are ready to go. Dance, move and do whatever you like, your tikka will not move an inch.

Paper Clip to Elongate Necklace

Sometimes we purchase a necklace but after wearing it we feel that it keeps choking us. The simple solution to this is adding a paperclip to the end of the necklace. It will add some length to your necklace and will make you more comfortable. Just let your hair down and no one is going to know your little secret. Do try this hack with your old necklace which does not fit you anymore.

Choker Necklace as Matha Patti

Matha Patti is on fire nowadays! You can see them everywhere on social media. We are so intimidated by them but do not want to spend money on them. Here is a simple hack, if you have a choker necklace in your dresser then you can get the same Matha Patti look from it. Just place it over your head like a headband and tighten the ends. See, you have a matha pati now. You can also secure it with pins for extra support.

Use of Thread or Tape to Resize Loose Ring

It is always advised to buy adjustable free-size rings so that you can wear them long enough without worrying about your changing body size. Although it is difficult to lose a tight ring at home, if your ring is loose then you can tighten it with this simple hack. Take a clear cello tape and carefully roll it over the lower side till it makes it to your size. Another option is the use of the same coloured thread and rolls it over the ring. Make sure the thread or tape doesn't show up from the front side of your hand.

Stone Bindi as Nose Pin

Nose piercing is very popular these days. Even though you can wear a nose pin or Nath without piercing too but if you are not having one with you right now here is a simple and quick solution. Buy a stone bindi and place it on your nose and ta-da, your nose pin is ready. You can play with different colors and can have many options.

Straw to Prevent Hair from Necklace Clasp

Some necklace clasps are very irritable. They might catch up to your hair and make it very uncomfortable. One simple solution is to take a piece of straw and put it into the necklace chain. Now close the clasp and cover the lock with the straw. This will solve your problem completely. Enjoy wearing your favorite necklace with comfort.

These were a few hacks that you can do while wearing jewelry next time. We hope this blog helps you. If you are looking for Trendy Punjabi Traditional Jewelry then Amazel Designs is the perfect stop for you. Visit our website to know more about our latest jewelry and accessory collection. You get a huge variety at a very genuine price. Do shop with us once!