5 Trendy Passa Designs - Must Consider Them while Buying Online

5 Trendy Passa Designs - Must Consider Them while Buying Online

Do you know when Passa jewelry was invented? To be honest, no one knows about this. But yes, first time, it has been seen in the Mugal density and is considered as Muslim jewelry.  Before beginning, those who don’t know about this jewelry must know about Passa and where it is being worn. Well, Passa is a hair accessory that beautifies the head of a woman. It looks awesome with a proper hairdo and gorgeous outfits. All that needs is the appropriate selection of passa designs as it becomes a tough job to select the best types of jewelry to enhance beauty.

Nowadays, it has become a norm to wear passa on occasions. Those who don’t know how to choose this accessory must read the below-written points. Here, I am going to add some trendy passa styles that will surely make you look stunning. 

#1 White Pearls Passa
No doubt, it is the ultimate passa accessory that can glorify you in every way. It works well for all. Whether you are a bride-to-be or a bridesmaid, this trend will surely give you a royal look. It is the hottest trend which is liked by almost everyone. 

#2 Silver Passa with Polki Stones

A string of pearls can give a stunning look that can multiply your looks. Interestingly, this type of passa can be worn with maang tikka as it is normal in size which is not that huge. Many women love to buy silver passa online

#3 American Diamond Passa/Jhumer

Are you ready to add looks of million dollars? If yes, then buy American Diamond passa. Look, diamonds can make every woman happier but purchasing them is not everyone’s cup of tea. Luckily, we have AD jewelry perfectly made to replace the diamonds. This type of jewellery is available in various colors. So, don’t worry, you can match it with your dresses easily. 

#4 Jadau Traditional Golden With White Pearls Passa

In this Emerald stones and diamond world, many people still prefer to buy Jadau Traditional Passa to that reminiscence of their old days. Mostly these are worn on traditional functions like Jago and Sangeet occasions. A must-have piece in your Punjabi jewelry collection that is still standing firmly in this modern world.

#5 Jhoomar Jewelry Passa Golden with White Pearls

It is available in soft champagne-colored stones attached with soft gold pearl beads at the bottom and a perfect drop in the lower end that can make your day. It is a perfect trendsetter these days which is loved by almost all people.  

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