5 Trendy Indian Jewelry Set You Must Own

5 Trendy Indian Jewelry Set You Must Own

Indian jewelry comes in a vast variety and different styles. There are a lot of jewelry designs that we all want to own and have in our wardrobe but having a complete collection of Indian jewelry with real stones is a very expensive affair.

We all know about Polki Jewelry and Kundan Jewelry, both are evergreen women's accessories and have been in our wardrobe for a long time.

So, here we are going to talk about the jewelry sets which are not so talked about but are very pretty and classy to be owned by you.

Buy Stylish Imitation Indian Jewelry Online

Women love jewelry and can never be fully loaded with them. Some can afford to buy real jewels but others may not. For them, there is no need to feel bad as you can get any type of Indian jewelry with artificial jewels and metals. If you love to own different styles of jewelry set to wear on various occasions, these 5 trendy and stylish jewelry sets are a must to get a glance at.

  • Buy Hand-Painted Or Meenakari Jewelry Set

  • This jewelry is a heart-winning piece. Embedded with stones and hand-painted with vibrant colors makes them a must-have for you. Different shapes and beautiful paintings are done that make a distinctive style. With the tiny floral motifs, dainty green and orange beads, and colorful enamel you can create an exclusive style of yours. You can find a complete necklace set with earrings online along with a tikka (if you prefer).

  • Get Shiny Sheesha Jewelry Online

  • Glittery with a reflecting surface, mirror jewelry is very much in demand these days. Mirror or sheesha jewelry is traditional jewelry that is quite popular in some parts of India. Infact, women love to wear them on various occasions and they are considered as a must for office going ladies. In this particular type of jewelry, mirror pieces are cut in certain shapes and sizes then used to make jewelry embedded in metal. These small pieces of mirror reflect the light and give a white shine to the jewelry that looks magnificent. 

  • Go with Trendy Monalisa Stone Jewelry

  • Monalisa stones are man-made stones that are manufactured by the glass. These glass beads are made with horizontal filaments inside that give it a distinctive "cat's eye" effect which looks very presentable in jewelry. These rectangular stones come in every color. Therefore, you can choose any of them. These stones are pocket-friendly and give you the look of real gems which some people cannot afford.

  • All-time Favorite Jadau Jewelry Set 

  • Jadau is a technique of jewelry-making in which metal is heated and beaten to make it malleable. It is then turned into a frame on which precious stones are studded without the use of any external adhesive or carving. Jadau jewelry online has always been admired by Indians and is usually bought for special and auspicious occasions such as weddings and festivals.

  • Lightweight Peepal Pati Set

  • Punjabi Traditional Peepal Patti set is a piece of charming and lightweight jewelry in which small leaf-shaped hangings are done on the jewelry. It is also made by beating the metal into a very thin sheet and then carving it into different shapes. It is the Punjabi traditional jewelry generally worn by the Bhangra and Gidda artists. It also looks beautiful with your traditional Punjabi suits and dresses as it is believed to be the latest trend in Punjabi jewelry.

    These are some jewelry sets that we think you must have to raise your style quotient. All these smart pieces are available at Amazel Design with a vast variety in different colors and patterns. Do check our website for your every jewelry and traditional accessory need. Based in US & Canada, we are available for worldwide shipping and exciting prices.