5 Important Aspects of Diwali Celebrations in Canada and USA

5 Important Aspects of Diwali Celebrations in Canada and USA

Diwali is an important festival which is celebrated all over the world. It's a festival of lights that indicates the triumph of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, and good over evil. Celebrating this festival with friends and family makes it more special. New clothes, traditional jewelry, sweets, lights and earthen lamps are the accessories for this festival.

Countries like Canada and USA where the Indian population is more, celebrate Diwali with great enthusiasm. Those living far away from their motherland try to get back to their cultural roots through these festivals. People celebrating diwali in Canada and USA keep certain things in mind to get that Desi celebration of diwali in a foreign country.

Let's talk about the Diwali Celebration in Desi Style at Videshi Land

There are 5 important things which should be kept in mind while throwing a Diwali party for your friends and family in Canada or USA.

Exciting Decor

Diwali is all about lights and decor. Earthen lamps, floating candles, colourful lights and many other unique items which you can easily get from Indian stores during the time of festivals. It is said that by decorating our houses we welcome Maa Lakshmi (goddess of wealth) to our houses and also if you are planning on hosting a Diwali dinner for your family and friends, it makes your home look more festive.

Rocking Music

No Indian party is complete without good music. Whether it's Bollywood vibes or basic Punjabi bhangra music, it lightens up the party. Good music uplifts the mood hence can make a party more enjoyable. Thanks to the Internet, either Diljit Dosanjh or Shahrukh Khan, all are available with one click.

Delicious Food

Food is the heart and soul of the diwali festival. Due to a busy schedule, it is not possible to make Diwali 'Pakwans' at home. It is handy to grab some sweets and food items from an Indian restaurant. It also saves time to enjoy yourself with your friends. Being in Canada or the USA doesn't mean you cannot get authentic Diwali dishes. There are many places where they serve the most delightful Indian food. Search your neighbourhood, you will definitely find someplace.  

Customs and Traditions

What would be a festival, without traditions? It is an old tradition to play cards on the night of diwali. The money won is considered to bring wealth and prosperity. Alcohol and meat consumption are prohibited on diwali. Paying a visit to a Temple or Gurudwara are also considered auspices on this popular festival. Some people also perform a pooja at home to seek blessings from Maa Lakshmi.

New Clothes and Jewelry

Diwali is the time to buy new clothes and jewelry. When you stay in Canada or the USA, you often don't get a chance to wear ethnic clothes on a regular basis. Festivals or weddings are the only occasion when you can flaunt your traditional clothes and jewelry. So, at this festival, you can buy dresses, traditional jewelry online as well as offline.

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