5 Ideas to Reuse your Wedding Chura

5 Ideas to Reuse your Wedding Chura

Who doesn't like Churra?? As small girls, we used to think about wearing one at our wedding. Churra, a traditional set of bangles that a Bride wears at her wedding, is a symbol of happy and long married life.

Earlier, Chudas were simple and didn't cost much but now in the modern world, girls are ready to spend a genuine amount of money to buy the latest Chura Online. Girls love to flaunt their style of favourite chooda on their wedding day and it is usually worn for at least 40 days after the D-day. After that, it can be removed by performing a small Indian Wedding ritual known as Chooda Wadauna Ceremony. But what to do with our expensive chooda after removing it??

Here we are giving you some ideas to reuse your wedding chuda because we know how much you love them.

Wedding Anniversaries

We, women, love our wedding anniversaries. It's the celebration of a beloved bond you share with your partner. Many women love to re-wear their chooda on their anniversaries to remember their special day and to recreate a glimpse of their bridal look. Some repeat it every year and some wear them on crossing some milestones like silver and golden jubblies. We find this very practical idea to Re-wear your Choda.

Wear Chuda On Festivals

Auspicious Occasions like Karwa Chauth are a perfect occasion to look dreamy.  Wearing those beautiful and heavy dresses and adding your wedding chooda enhances grace to your overall Karwa Chauth look. As it is celebrated for the good health and long life of a husband and Bridal chooda is a promising symbol of 'Suhagan' i.e. married women. So, we don't find a more favourable occasion to wear your Wedding Churra.

Mix and Match Indian Chura With Other Bangles

Another very good option to reuse your chooda is to mix and match it with other Indian Kadas or bangles. It is simple, you can separate your bangles from the Kadas of your chooda and then you can wear them separately. Or you can add different bangles to it according to your need. In this way, you will not get bored of the monotonous look of your chooda and can utilise it very efficiently. What are your thoughts about that?? Isn't it fun?

Wear Wedding Chooda On Family Functions

Weddings and functions are always on our list and we constantly want to present ourselves in such a way that we can look distinguished. So, your wedding chuda can play the deal. We know Choodas are always eye candies and by wearing one on your close family functions you can earn that gaze we all carve for.

Lifetime Memory

Last but not the least, if you don't want to wear your chooda again, it's completely fine. You can still preserve it, keep it safe and protected as a lifelong memory of your weddings like wedding pictures and videos. For keeping it safe, you can use a box. To buy Chooda Box online you can visit Amazel Designs. They have a huge collection of personalized and customized Choda boxes.

To conclude I would say that we all feel a personal connection with our wedding accessories and it's very delightful if we find a way to reuse them. Embrace your feelings and try to use these tips and ideas. Chooda is a lifelong memory so always invest in excellent quality by buying the latest Churas Online from a reliable store. For the latest collection of Punjabi Wedding Chuda, you can check here. Best quality with reasonable price and worldwide shipping at one stop. Do visit.