5 Different Looks with Traditional Waist Belt

5 Different Looks with Traditional Waist Belt

Waist belts have always been a part of Indian women's wardrobe. This is a sensual piece of jewelry that has a pure feminine essence to it. This trend has always been on and off but nowadays with beautiful pieces available in the market. We are here to discuss different looks which you can create with these traditional waist belts. Before that let's learn more about these traditional waist belts.

What is a Waist Belt?

Waist belt or Kamarband is a belly chain worn around the waist. They were often made of silver or gold. We can see clearly in ancient sculptures and ancient paintings that the waist belt has been prominent jewelry for ages. It was used to define the waist and make it look more attractive.

How to Use Waist Belt to Get Attractive Looks?

Waist belts can be worn with any traditional outfit to add grace to it. Not only traditional, but they also look elegant when worn with the Western dress too. Have a glance at the looks we created for you.

Kamarband with Saree

Nothing is sexier than a woman wearing a saree with a waist belt. In a saree, a visible waist gets desired attention with a beautiful waist belt. Go for Polki or Kundan stone belts so that it glitters out on your saree. Waist belts are the best thing that you can pair with a saree. So next time you wear a saree, try to add a waist belt to it.

Champagne Stone Waist Belt paired with Lehnga

Lehenga and Choli is a beautiful Indian Traditional Dress. To add grace to this beautiful dress, try to add a thin waist belt with Champagne stone on it. The elegance of this waist belt is seen best paired with a lehenga. It makes your waist belt define gorgeously. 

Indo-Western Gown with Polki Waist Belt

Indo western gowns are the perfect pick for evening parties and receptions. It is usually one piece of dress, so to make it defined use a Waist belt. It beautifully divides your gown into two sections and makes your waist more prominent.

Waist Belt with Short Black Dress

Ever paired your favourite short black dress with a traditional waist belt. Give it a try, you will not regret it! A combination of western and traditional will give out a perfect look. The black dress makes your waist belt look more impressive. Try to go for a waist belt with stones and gems embedded to create a perfect blend. 

American Diamond Kamarband teemed with Frock Suit

Wear a long frock and teamed with a Kamarband. It will make your suit more presentable and American Diamond adds extra bling to your dress. The American Diamond waist belt also looks phenomenal with a dark shade dress. Try this excellent combo when you will wear your floor-length frock suit.

These are some of the best  ideas to incorporate a waist belt into your outfit. This will make all the difference in your outfit. You must add at least one waist belt to your wardrobe to experiment with your looks. Buy Waist Belt Online from Amazel Designs. We have great options to choose from. Visit our website for trendy traditional jewelry.