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Different Jewelry Styles for Punjabi Community

Wearing a perfect match of jewelry is an art. Jewelry is the heart of women. When a girl or woman thinks about getting ready for anywhere to go, the first thing that comes to mind is about the dress and jewelry. Matching jewelry with the dress is an amazing task with little effort. There are different types of jewelry available in the market for different types of occasions. Because every occasion requires a different style of jewelry. For simple occasions such as path or pooja and birthday parties often need simple and elegant jewelry. But when we talk about weddings, everyone wants a heavy and bright jewelry piece. Similarly,  at engagement and other small party functions, women can style with...

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Buy Different Types of Payals Online

Payals, also known as Anklets. It is a metallic string worn by married women. But nowadays, girls also love to wear anklets or payals. It is an integral jewellery of women, especially on the wedding day. Anklets imply women pride and bravery. Payals also called Panjeban or Panjeb, Jhanjra or Indian payals. It is believed that payals are helpful to rebuild the liveliness and shield the person from negative vibes. In Indian culture, wearing payals also showcase the presence of women in the house. Basically, payals or panjeb are worn by the new brides. The new bride mostly wears heavy traditional silver anklets. But nowadays, many trendy designs of Punjaban are available such as heavyweight with Kundan, pearl based and heavy bells-based anklets. Anklets also have small tingling bells, which creates a beautiful romantic sound when a woman walks....

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